A Message from our CEO & Founder

From The Desk Of George Seema

Dear Staff, Stakeholders, Investors & Loyal Customers,

It gives me great pleasure in welcoming you to Seemag Transport & Courier Service. We are at the dawn of launching the latest venture from SeemaBros Holdings.

I’ve been reflecting on the recent board meeting we had last week. I am excited and filled with hope for this new venture not only to become a sustainable company but also and most importantly focus on our human capital. Developing Skills and building our economy.

As the famous World War II admiral Bull Halsey once said, “There are no great men, only great challenges that ordinary men are forced by circumstances to meet.” 

The next couple of years will offer those “great challenges” and will require all our skill to meet them.

Let us always be mindful of our conduct, operating with Integrity and Transparency in our daily dealings.

Our employees are committed and want the company to succeed and, on the whole, are willing to put up with a lot to ensure that outcome.

My role is to  inspire people to follow me, to commit themselves to our  endeavor, to make needed sacrifices, I offer you our  inspiring mission. It doesn’t need to be dramatic, but it does need to be meaningful. The executive team and I have put together a sound, strategic decision making  structure that looks beyond tomorrow’s analyst’s report  and will take us a long way toward our  mission to become a leading player in the South African Transport and Logistics Industry.

We can all be proud of how far we have come with the birth of our new company.

Thank you,



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